Hey guys! I'm Calah! Pronounced KAY-LUH since I know you'll ask. Born & raised in Arizona. I have a deep love for the vast landscapes of my state. When I'm not behind the camera you can find me hiking, vintage shopping & spending time with my family. I genuinely love what I do so its not unusual to find me with a camera in my hand even when i'm not working.

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On my 15th birthday I was gifted my first Canon camera. Since then I have used photography as a creative outlet. Over the years, my reason for taking photographs has changed. I shifted from using it strictly for creativity to wanting to capture moments that seemed to be slipping away that I didn't want to forget. The more people I photograph, the more meaning my work holds to me. Photography is so much more than a picture. It is a memory, a story unfolding in an artful expression.